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 This organization shall be known as the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club, Inc.


 This organization shall be located in the Town of Vinton, Virginia 24179.


 1.                  To provide a sports program for all young people, between the ages of 6-17 inclusive, for the boy’s programs and 6-19 inclusive, for the girl’s programs in the Vinton and East Roanoke Co. area excluding Dixie Youth Baseball Junior and Senior Franchised Baseball and RAYSA/Softball, this will comply with Dixie Youth boundaries.

2.                  To provide uniforms and equipment to all participants of equal design and quality and prohibit deviation of same, and to comply with Dixie Youth Baseball, Junior and Senior franchised baseball & RAYSA Softball.

3.                  To encourage participation and teach athletic skills to the less proficient, above winning of games.


 1.                  All parents or guardians who have satisfied the registration requirements form their children to participate in any sport are granted a one-year membership from date of registration.

2.                  All applications from membership of persons without participating children shall be invited to become a participating “non-voting” member of the Vinton Booster Club.  By paying a membership fee of $10.00, they can obtain the privileges of any other member.

3.                  All coaches without children participating in the sport they are coaching will automatically be granted membership for one calendar year.

4.                  Any boy or girl meeting the requirements set forth in the eligibility rules of play as established by the Department of Parks and Recreation, Vinton Sandlot Booster Club, and Dixie Youth Baseball, Junior and Senior Franchised Baseball and RAYSA Softball shall be eligible for active participation in the sports program.

5.                  Registration for membership and participation shall be made for each boy and girl by their parent or guardian on the respective dates designated for each sport.

6.                  The geographic boundaries of prospective participants shall be established by the Roanoke County Department of Parks and Recreation and Dixie Youth, Junior and Senior Franchised Baseball & RAYSA Softball.

7.                  The age cutoff for all individual sports will govern ALL player assignments in addition to weight restrictions in football and shall be those dates in the advertised database for each sports season. Exception 1: from a coordinator call up list for those sports which choose to maintain said list as necessary, to allow teams a minimum number of players when they are short players for a game during the season. The call up list will be comprised of only older players within the lower leagues Exception 2: by law which is Roanoke County guidelines with Exceptions in E below approved by County (: except football which is based on weight) and Vinton Juniors 13-15 Independent Baseball which does not permit)

A.    Players in the upper year of a division may play up in the next league if the boys/girls club athletic director, appointed coaches and league coordinator believes the player has the skills to compete in the upper age group. Moving up for convenience or to have enough players to form a team is not allowed.

B.    If a player has been moved up in an age division, he or she is not eligible to return to the lower division during the season.

C.   Players who play up at the next age division must have parental approval. Parents must approve the placement of the player and have a letter on file with Roanoke County stating the acceptance of the reclassification. This must be done prior to the draft.

D.   Recreation Clubs may choose to disallow the playing up of players as they see fit

E.     Local Exception: If approved for advancement to the next level, but are not league age 9 or 11 or 13 by 12/31/XX for softball and league age 9 or 11 by 4/30/XX for baseball, may apply to play up but not be post season tournament eligible that year. In addition, you must turn 9 or 11 between 5/1/XX and 9/30/XX for baseball and turn 9 or 11 or 13 for softball between 1/1/XX and 9/30/XX of that upcoming season to be considered. This aligns with non- franchised county sports i.e. basketball, football, etc cutoff date of 9/30/XX and the school age cutoff dates. Further, you must have played two (2) years coach pitch softball or two (2) years coach pitch/machine pitch baseball or 2 years’ instructional soccer or basketball to be eligible to request to move up. This would allow move ups for these sports and not jeopardize those whom are of league age 9 or 11 or 13 in Softball and 9 or 11 in baseball, for all-stars consideration. Also, and eliminate any need to change the baseball by-laws which restrict all-stars’ league age eligibility to 9 and 10 in Minors and 11 and 12 in Majors and 13 and 14 in Juniors.

F.      Letter must be mailed to Star Patton, Roanoke County Parks and Recreation, 1206 Kessler Mill Road Salem, VA 24153 showing a copy mailed to Boys or Girls Athletic Directors Vinton Booster Club, P.O.B ox 403 Vinton, VA 24179


 Registration and late signup fees shall be established for each sport at the regular Booster Club meeting prior to registration dates.

  1. This registration fee will be for each child, in each sport with a maximum payment of three participants in any one family for each sport, regardless of the number of children they have participating.
  2. All board of director members, whom have children playing sports in the club, shall not pay signup fees as long as they are on the board of directors for Vinton Sandlot Boosters, Inc. Further, all individual sports coordinators will not pay their children’s fees in the sport they coordinate. Exception:  The current coordinator in boys’ basketball and the player agent in baseball, shall continue to be grandfathered under the previous agreement for no payment in all sports, until they vacate those sports as coordinators.
  3. Request for financial scholarships will be considered three times per year during fall, winter and spring signups. A request should be submitted to the Secretary of the club for board consideration. Scholarships are considered on an as needed basis but are limited to no more than 30 per year or 10 per signup period.
  4. Registration fees will not be refunded after a child is assigned to a team or after uniforms are ordered.  No parent can be assured that their child will be assigned to a particular team.  If a parent chooses to exclude their child from playing for a particular coach, it should be noted on the registration form before the draft takes place.  Request may not be honored.
  5. All registration fees will be collected upon registration. All returned checks and any approved refunds are subject to a $25 fee. Exception: Should a child be unable to complete the season due to an injury a partial refund may be considered. Moreover, no one shall be assigned to a team nor placed in a draft unless they are dues paid.
  6. Proof of birth date must be presented at the time of registration for all sports.  Dixie Youth Baseball, Junior and Senior Franchised Baseball & RAYSA Softball requires proof of residency.


 Ages for league membership shall be established by the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club in compliance with the Roanoke County Department of Parks and Recreation and Dixie Youth Baseball, Junior or Senior Franchised Baseball & RAYSA Softball.

  1. Determination of which team a child will participate with is determined by the Draft System as established by each sports committee.


 1.                  The Government of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club shall be under the direct supervision of the Board of Directors, composed of the following officers:  President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Equipment Manager, Female Activities Supervisor, Male Activities Supervisor, Web Manager, and Communcations/Advertising Director. The Board shall have the right to review any proposal and make a decision for the betterment of the organization.

2.                  The officers of the Board of Directors shall be elected at the December meeting for 4 years, which period runs from their original election date.  Any board member may be asked or may be removed by a majority vote of the board due to malfeasance. The elected term of office will be from the original elected date defined as year one, January 1 to year four, December 31, inclusive. All Board of Directors need to attend at least 50% of all regular monthly meetings and board meetings.

3.                  Sixty (60) days before the election, the president shall appoint a nominating committee (to fill board vacancies) consisting of three members-at-large and one member of the Board.  The outgoing president will be the fifth member of the committee, but will not act as chairman or cast any vote for persons nominated.

4.                  The appointed nominating committee shall present a list of candidates for election at the November meeting of the Booster Club.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor, in November, provided the written consent of the candidate has been obtained prior to placing the name in nomination. The election of the slate of candidates shall be made at the December scheduled meeting.

5.                  Additional committees may be appointed by the president as the need arises.

6.                  The Female/Male Activities Supervisor shall appoint a commissioner for each sport.  The commissioner shall then appoint coordinators as needed.  The commissioner and coordinators will act as a committee governing their respective sport in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Directors and the Roanoke County Department of Parks and Recreation, and Dixie Youth Baseball, Junior and Senior Franchised Baseball & RAYSA Softball.

a.      The commissioner will be responsible for obtaining coaches.  Commissioner and coordinators will be responsible for conducting and setting the draft rules and work with the county director in scheduling practices and games.

7.                  Any dispute arising out of interpretation of these By-Laws, will be resolved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

8.                  The Board of Directors of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club shall have the authority to suspend or discharge any coach, manager, assistant coach or other person associated with the league, whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of the program.

9.                  Vacancies of unexpired terms on the Board of Directors will be filled through nominations and voting of the members of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club.

10.              The baseball rules and regulations adopted January 6, 2005 and as amended, shall govern with respect to the baseball officers, draft rules and local league franchise organization (as amended).


 1.                  A regular meeting of the Board of Directors will be held on occasion as the president may direct or upon the request of at least three members of the Board or members-at-large of the Booster Club.

2.                  Regular meeting of all members of the Booster Club shall be held on the first Thursday of each month unless otherwise announced by the president.

3.                  A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum at any meeting of the Board and a majority vote by those members of the Board shall govern.  At least five (5) members of the Booster Club, excluding the Board of Directors, constitute a quorum for business.

4.                  Any change to these by-laws must be presented and approved by the majority of the board of directors and then may, as the board feels necessary, be advertised by e mail to the general membership 30 days before a vote by the membership is taken at a regular monthly meeting or a special called meeting, as may be necessary.

5.                  All general matters concerning the policy of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club shall be decided by a majority vote of a quorum of members who are physically present at the time the vote is taken.

6.                  Robert’s Rule of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings except where some conflict exists with these By-Laws or rules of league play.


 1.                  The Board of Directors shall decide all matters pertaining to club finances.  It shall be the policy to place all income in an established bank account.

2.                  The expending of the Booster Club Funds will be controlled by the Treasurer with concurrence by the President.  All disbursements will be made by check, signed by the Treasurer and President and supported by a valid receipt for the authorized purchase.

3.                  Contributions of Booster Club funds to individuals or teams shall not be permitted, unless voted by the Board of Directors and in compliance with Dixie Youth Baseball, Little League Juniors and Seniors Baseball or Dixie Boys Juniors and Seniors Baseball and RAYSA Softball constitution.

4.                  The Vinton Sandlot Booster Club name shall not be used for raising funds for individual teams.  Individual team fund raising will not coincide with Booster Club fund raising.

5.                  Disbursement of monies made from fund raising shall be decided by the commissioner from each sport and the Board of Directors.  Disbursement is then decided by a quorum vote of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club members.

6.                  The treasurer may reimburse individuals for travel expenses incurred while on Booster Club business.


 1.                  In the event circumstances arise which prohibit, restrict or create a situation which render the objectives of the Vinton Sandlot Booster Club incompatible with the established Roanoke County Recreation Department Sports Program, disbandment of the organization will be taken into consideration.

2.                  Disbandment will be accomplished only as the last alternative and after public announcement has been made and concurred with, by the members of the Board of Directors and by the majority of the Club members present at a meeting called for the purpose of disbandment.

3.                  All property and monies held by the Club at the time of disbandment shall be handled at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Club.


 The appointed Concession Manager shall be responsible for the operation of all concessions associated with the club, unless otherwise contracted and agreed with Roanoke County.

  1. All funds collected or expended will be controlled and audited by the club treasurer.
  2. Operation of all concessions will be with volunteer help of the parents of participants in the sports program, unless otherwise contracted and agreed by Roanoke County.
  3. All concessions stand shall be open and manned with volunteers before sports events are started, unless, concessions are staffed by Roanoke County contractors.


 1.                  The PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings; be an officiating member of all committees; shall perform all duties pertaining to this office; shall be charged with ensuring the purchase of necessary equipment, uniforms, awards and insurance; shall be responsible for the adherence of all members to the written BY-LAWS; shall provide for pre-play registration for all participants in each sport, shall appoint assistants to the elected Equipment Manager and be responsible for all fund raising activities.

2.                  The VICE PRESIDENT shall assume the duties of President in his absence and perform as directed by the President, duties that enhance the effective operation of the Booster Club.

3.                  The SECRETARY shall keep the minutes of all meetings and be custodian of all records and papers belonging to the Club.  The Secretary shall be responsible for all official mailings and filing activities.

4.                  The TREASURER shall receive all monies of the Club and deposit these funds in the approved bank accounts.  Keep records for all expenditures, make disbursements by check, and make public a monthly statement of all receipts, disbursements and funds on hand.  When a new Treasurer is elected, the outgoing Treasurer shall have the bank balance verified by written report form the bank.

5.                  The EQUIPMENT MANAGER shall be responsible for the issue, receipt, recovery and accountability of all uniforms and equipment which are the property of the club; will be the sole custodian of the storage room; prepare an inventory before and after each sport season and report the results to the membership.

a.       The equipment manager shall make public notice of all persons who are delinquent in returning uniforms or equipment.  The Equipment Manager will request to purchase only items essential to replace any damaged or worn out uniforms or equipment.  The Equipment Manager will provide a schedule for all issues and return of uniforms and equipment.

6.                  The CONCESSION MANAGER shall be responsible for the operation of all concession stands during any activity scheduled by the Club, will turn over to the Treasurer any and all monies collected and present receipts to the Treasurer, for any reimbursement of cash outlays.

7.                  The FEMALE ACTIVITIES SUPERVISOR shall be responsible for overseeing all female sports, including cheerleading activities.  He/she will be responsible for appointing a commissioner for each sport.

8.                  The MALE ACTIVITIES SUPERVISOR shall be responsible for overseeing all male sports.  He/she will be responsible for appointing a commissioner for each sport.

9.                   The WEB MANAGER is responsible for working with Vice President in setting up databases. Answering any questions about sign ups and helping people sign up in the database. Verify new birth certificates. Send reports to coaches, coordinators, etc. Update any information on website as need or directed. Work with Communications/Advertising Director by adding new advertisers to the website, etc. Any other duties assign by the President.

10.                  The COMMUNICATIONS/ADVERTISING DIRECTOR is responsible for sending emails, posting information on Social Media to keep people update with news from the Vinton Booster Club. Utilizing website/social media to promote the Vinton Booster Club and advertising on website and other methods of advertising. Helping with special events by helping to get donations and sponsors. Also, help with finding volunteers to help with projects and special events. Any other duties assign by the President.

11.                  Current Officers and terms:

 Vinton Sandlot Booster Club Officers for 2018




Email Address

Term Expires


Cody Underwood

[email protected]


Vice President

Bryce Peters[email protected]



Katrina Hedrick 

[email protected]


Website Manager

Shelly Tabor

[email protected]



Kevin Witcher

[email protected]


Girls Athletic Director

 Randy Johnson[email protected] 


Boys Athletic Director

Brian Jones

[email protected]


Equipment Manager

Brandon Sells

[email protected]


Advertising/Communications Director

Shannon McCulloch


[email protected]







P.O. Box 403 
Vinton, Virginia 24179

Email: [email protected]

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